Stanozolol Dosage


The Stanozolol dosage needs to be carefully designed to suit the individual. It’s important that the Stanozolol dose is correct as this will negate side effects that this anabolic steroid can bring, and to get the most benefit from using Stanozolol. After all steroids aren’t cheap and Stanozolol is one of the more expensive anabolic steroids out there. We don’t want to be wasting the Winstrol and experiencing temporary and permanent side effects whilst gaining, when we could be gaining lean body mass and burning fat, whilst experiencing low incidences of side effects. The Stanozolol dosage needs to be determined by a short list of factors. These variables are all important but some more so than others. Gender, age, level of development, goals and past experience will all play important factors on the correct Stanozolol dose to use to either gain size or use as a cutting agent. Because Stanozolol is best used as part of a cutting cycle or strategy, you will notice larger doses are needed for bulking cycles, when compared to cutting stacks. This also means the user may experience more side effects as larger doses are required.



Stanozolol Bulking Doses


We have already established that Stanozolol is not best suited as part of a bulking cycle, but it can be effectively. Unfortunately, large doses are going to need to be used as compared to Stanozolol doses associated with cutting cycles. This is because Winstrol is not known for its mass gaining effects, but more, it’s a lean gaining agent when combined with a diet rich in protein and above maintenance calories. Stanozolol is comparable to Primobolan, Masteron and Anavar in terms of bulking effectiveness, probably the most effective off all actually. Understand that you’re not going to put on 20lbs of solid muscle when using Stanozolol if used in sensible doses, even at massive doses, this isn’t going to happen. However, the gains obtained are of high quality and there is no added water retention which is often associated with mass gaining agents, such as Anadrol and Dianabol, so you know what you’re getting when you gain weight when on cycle. The gains made will be mostly kept post cycle, or when steroid doses are lowered to maintenance levels (HRT). If you’re using Stanozolol as part of a bulking cycle or phase, then it’s probably better to have used Stanozolol first, not as an introduction to its lean body mass gaining qualities because of the doses we may need to use.


Both oral and injectable Stanozolol dosages can be used during bulking phases. Due to the difference in effectiveness of injectbale over orally active Stanozolol in a Stanozolol bulking cycle, oral doses are often higher than injectable doses. Both can also be used to get the best of both variations actually and this is done by those more experienced or in the know. For a beginner Stanozolol bulking cycle, a dose of 50mg every day oral or injectable is a good starting point. This can then be adjusted comparing gains and side effects. More advanced users can use 75-100mg every day and professional bodybuilders even more. As always, larger doses will increase the likelihood of side effects, such as hepatoxicity. Injectable Stanozolol, often referred to as Winstrol Depot can be used at a slightly lesser amount, but still 50mg every day is needed, or 50mg every other day for beginners. These low doses will still bring lean body mass, but not as much as larger amounts. Winstrol Depot is usually a water based steroid with a painful sting to the injection and after effects, this is why the oral format of Stanozolol in pill form is popular. 100mg every day can also be used of injectable Stanozolol, but watch out for side effects including, liver and kidney stress and also increasing LDL and lowering HDL. If side effect arise, it would be best to lower the dose of Stanozolol, stop or use another milder compound or something your body does not respond badly too. Like anything that’s new, experimentation is key, but listen to your body and adjust doses and introduce and stop steroids going by side effects, then goals. Health is the number one priority here. Stanozolol shouldn’t be used for longer than 6-8 weeks and if it is, make sure a blood test is done to check everything is in order and not out or range, those that are, treat using supplements and nutrition first.



Stanozolol Cutting Doses


Stanozolol is world renowned for being a cutting anabolic steroids and something that also increases performance, mainly speed sports. This could be boxing, MMA, athletics like our friend Ben Johnson as mentioned in the Stanozolol Introduction, or anything where the increase of speed would favour a competitor. Stanozolol burns fat by a number of mechanisms, these include, increasing energy expenditure, fat oxidation and increase lipolysis. These mechanisms all combined with a diet below maintenance calories but rich in protein and a sold consistent cardio programme will mean the user will drop fat. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bodybuilder, athlete needing to make weight, female or recreational steroid user who wants a six-pack for the summer, Stanozolol is a good choice to add to a cutting cycle. We have already discussed that Stanozolol does not raise estrogen levels nor aromatase, in fact, it actually lowers circulating estrogen levels and help fight the side effects associated with estrogen. During a cutting cycle, its important water retention is controlled so we can see the muscle and the effects our effort in training, nutrition and supplementation is having on fat loss, so again, Stanozolol is a wise choice. When cutting we want to help cut excess adipose and visceral fat, but also preserve muscle mass we have obtained during bulking phases. This is often one of the hardest things a bodybuilder will do and is why cutting cycles are often over 10-16 weeks as this will keep the chances of muscle loss minimal. Stanozolol cutting dosages need to be between 50-100mg every day. The exact dose will be determined by the level of development and past experience with anabolic steroids.



Female Stanozolol Doses


Buy Stanozolol On LineWomen are a lot more sensitive to anabolic steroids effects, mostly side effects than males are. This is predominantly because men’s bodies are designed for large amounts of testosterone and women are estrogen. Female Stanozolol doses will range but should start at 10mg every day or every other day and be adjusted comparing gains and side effects. Larger doses will bring more gains, but also more side effects, these include, acne, aggression, hair loss, hair growth in male areas, enlargement of sexual organsand deepending of vocal chords. It should also be noted that if the female user takes great care and is sensible and conservative with Stanozolol doses, these side effects will not occur in most cases.

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